Saturday, March 7, 2009

geeking LOTR and Joseph Cornell

I totally just geeked out. Erin has begun to read The Fellowship of the Ring. I am so proud of her! She asked me the simple question of whether Gandalf was a human wizard or if the wizards were human at all. (in LOTR, i am sure about this in real life)
How could I explain what a Maiar was unless I explained the creation of Middle Earth? And how could I relate that creation with out telling about the Music of Iluvatar or Melkor? I had too. Then I had to tell who the Valar and Valier. I attempted to tell about each...then she walked away from me and bought a Latte.

These pictures are from the imaginative mind of Joseph Cornell. I am doing a research paper for Sculpture 270 on his works. They are amazing. The vision in them is enchanting.
This is what they are: enchanting.
Enchanted 3D collages that tell of the child's simple creative grasp of reality or of the story, of the fleeting nature of beauty, and of the exploration between the spiritual and nature worlds by way of studying the cosmos. Such weight for what looks like a pack rat just put things in a box and stood it on its side for "artsy" people to see and admire. Thus was my thought process once. Since I began to study art, I have found that I was rather hardened to ways of creative expression. So people can call me a snob for loving the Abstract Expressionists or those who make collages for a living. Visual subjects we don't understand at first glance are the visual subjects that should be understood. Just put forth effort.
same in life. such is life. in most instances, they deserve it.

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oatmealandcoffee said...

Your exposition of the LOTR history was good, but I'm just not ready for all of that yet. Also, thank you for bringing more art into my life. I feel smarter.