Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i was present in an art conversation but didn't actually participate.

The Hazards of Love 3 = creepy and inventive.
The Decemberists using harpsichords and distorted guitars = melodious delight

Today I was enjoying the wonderful sunshine, just drawing my female nudes for my painting, when a coffee shop acquaintance sat down beside me. We talked small talk until one of his friends, who i know to be a poet and quite good, came to chat. They both commented on my skill and then preceded to talk about art. Well, I don't know how this came up but Dadaism quickly became the topic. I have no knowledge about dada. i know Duchamp and that is all. As to its philosophy....i haven't a clue. Personally I like the idea that they went against the art world at the time. I know better and more now. Both of my seat fellows had previously loved Dadaism. But, alas, had gone there separate ways. In conversation like these...i just like to listen to people talk their viewpoint up or down, seeing how the conversations go. I chimed in about how the epoch of Dada was short, similar to the Fauves, because it didn't really have any true depth. This chime was not out loud, it was in my head as i heard the two view points. When the converse was done those guys decided to f*** English Club and go grab food. I decide not to do that, for i am not a member. Instead i just went to class. 20th century Art...where we will soon learn about Dada. better late than never...and better in class than on my own time.

current up to date paintings:

remember the bubble/circle/shapes/orbs painting from before? well here it is now. it is not done.


oatmealandcoffee said...

is this based on the orbs that you mentioned on our walk? the ones that show up sometimes in pictures?

laceylou said...

I love, "I was enjoying the wonderful sunshine, just drawing my female nudes for my painting..."

I laughed out loud.
I would feel so awkward in public drawing nude people.

oatmealandcoffee said...

You should update this! :) i like reading this.