Sunday, February 22, 2009

You enter the room- that's being born;
And then you must live- work out your soul,
Aha! - lines from a poem by Edgar Lee Masters

o me, o life. why must i always go about blogging with a depressing air? for the first part of this day. Another line from Masters is "As they read this empty rhetoric." I will tell you what the lines of empty rhetoric was in a moment...sit on the edge of your seats, please. in order for language to be persuasive....motive and belief are very important elements. Motive to persuade the other, belief that you are correct in your stance. This is why, i believe, I have trouble understanding and using rhetoric. I must stand on solid ground in order to stand straight. I shift on so many ideals and emotions...mainly pertaining to the art world. This world of aesthetics seems to be at times just a curse to me. Perhaps it is because I find it a struggle to proclaim the solid ground which I stand on in life, in this "other world" i step into everyday. This world consists of my sketchbooks, the studios, the critics, and my own mind. I know the light of Christ is there with me...but in expressing through isn't coming. i think i am looking too hard. Enough. my posts do not follow any form or outline. Another example that I am not praticed in rhetoric.

the lines were from another poem by Master about a man who life had beaten but everyone thought that life was kind to him.

Good news today! I found!!!! Here is what it is: "Christians in the Visual Arts exists to explore and nurture the relationship between the VISUAL ARTS and the CHRISTIAN FAITH." (and later in another paragraph) "It is our purpose to encourage Christians in the visual arts to develop their particular callings to the highest professional level possible; to learn how to deal with specific problems in the field without compromising our faith and our standard of artistic endeavor; to provide opportunities for sharing work and ideas; to foster intelligent understanding, a spirit of trust, and a cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the church, and society; and ultimately, to establish a Christian presence within the secular art world." Praise the Father of Lights, which all good things are from!!! I have been praying to find out about artists who follow Christ to learn from their worldview and see how this is evident in their work (without it being kitsch or cliché). This is the start! And it renewed my spirit today in the studio. I read in Art & Fear that art is about beginnings....or did Ben Shahn write that....both i have read recently. I would have to agree and this is a new beginning!
ended now.

this painting is flipped. it is a mirror image because of photobooth. dag. so mirror it in your mind. photoshop was not available.


laceylou said...

"Praise the Father of Lights!"
I love how we're all blogging at the same time. EnRICHing experience, I say. Bah.

I love the way your mind works, dearie and I have complete faith that God is working through your art and mind to reveal Himself to you and the world...:)

See. Blogging is healthy. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

oatmealandcoffee said...

I'm so glad you found that website.

Also, you shouldn't hate on your writing. This is quite good.