Thursday, May 29, 2008

summer winds. only there is no talk of wind in the whole post.

I wish i was there. Even though it is a painting by Grimshaw, who is a master at capturing mood. I love that God also creates an eerie beauty that is quite calming which inspires such pieces.

So here i am. being ignored at work, so i choose to blog. blog, gag.

i am very lazy or hesitant...i don't really know which, when it comes to computer things. as you, dear reader, can tell, i do not use proper writing grammar when i use the internet. i don't really give a flying sack of monkey poo whether comma's should be used here or there...or anywhere. but if i didn't then no one could take a breather when reading this monstrosity.

oh, the ladies are back with some work for me. then it will on to the coffee shop. i do enjoy working there. Spencer's Coffeeshop is a pleasant artsy place.
i need to brush up on my art theory lingo. only after i read my summer children's novels.

boring stuff to write, huh?


e g allis said...

I guess I shouldn't add that I mentally proofread everything I's an involuntary habit.

We are coming up that way in a week or so. I got you something in Paris. I hope you like it.

laceylou said...

i request a new post. I know there's one in the making.