Thursday, February 7, 2008

a long one on a future memory....

By no means will my life be unfulfilled if this daydream were to never happen or fulfilled if the opposite happens. My life is fulfilled already. I am saved in Christ Jesus, growing closer to being in His image day by day. This is my life’s goal and constant struggle. But I also believe He gives us pleasant desires for our lives with a purpose. That was a bit of a disclaimer I suppose…? This is a slice from the mind of Brittany Anne, this creation gives me such a calm but longing feeling, usually happens in a class or at work. It has to do with the perfect break from a hard morning at [my] the tattoo shoppe or school.

Several years from now perhaps during grad school (the Lord leading me where ever and I hope I follow for His glory) is the setting of this reverie. Yes, I will have several tats, these designs from my own creativity…thus it begins:

I am sitting in the corner of an old bookshop, in a burnt sienna leather armchair. I am curled with my book and sketch-journal resting on my knees, a sitting fetal position you would say. The smell of aged books and coffee is simply soothing. The corner in which I seated myself is by a front shop window. On my left is the window about 5X4 ft, my back is to various selves of antique books not for sale. Books cover all walls of the three-roomed shop and there are some ladders for the other levels of written words. I face a small deep brown table that holds my coffee mug and an a book perhaps about a favorite movement or artist or musical element. On the other side of this is an empty olive green leather armchair. Empty in chance that Gaspard Ulliel should walk in and want to talk….but maybe just for the male tattooed bookworm that I recently met at worship.
The day would be blue-grey and drizzling. By this setting…I suppose I would be in New England somewhere, unless these days happen on a semi-regular basic in So Cal…a bit north of that maybe? I would like to live in Budapest. Oh well. I would stay in this place sketching, reading, sketching, and conversing…so on for several hours. I might get some food at the cheap deli across the lane. Then around 6 I would go back to the shop for an appointment with a back piece. Work til around midnight.
With this day dream in mind, at work I usually go back to it when I wish to stop being so serious. Oh daydreams, they are almost as fun as my sub-conscious ones…
that painting is by someone else. not me. i found it on google. but i am going to make my own sketch of what i am talking about....none that i found to portray exactly what i want.

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laceylou said...

love the post
love your daydream
love you. :)

Can I come chat with you in the olive chair? It sounds rather charming.