Thursday, October 18, 2007

something wicked this way comes...

Puckish bliss.

only for a moment. not because of what i had done, but because of nature.

I really enjoy thunder storms. There is something about them. This interest is helped by my discovery of Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes novel. Which I highly recommend! Tonight one of my roomies and I preceded to get rather excited about an approaching storm and ran outside to our porch. We stood on the steps, well she stood while I sat on the railing...because i like being dramatic, to watch the storm rolling in. I say puckish bliss for the fact that every time i smell a storm coming, feel the raising wind, and see the change in the's mischievous in a way. Especially in the fall when the Storm, out of playfulness, tosses the helpless leaves around as well as my hair.

The colors are so vibrant...and the thunder. Thunder is one of my top 5 favorite sounds...pure music. Maybe that is how God intended storms... only a thought.

Now, lighting. That is scary but don't we just love to stand out while lighting flashes in the sky above us? Anyone agree? I am a wimp but I love to see the power of storms. Small storms mind you. Just a taste of something wicked or just powerful.

I wish I could bottle up the feelings of an on coming storm just to have, so i could open it up on a very sunny day. for fun of course.


Susan said...

I love thunderstorms too. Thanks for visiting my blog. To answer your question, I moved to Germany to follow my German husband. We thought it best for me to come here first, learn the language understand his culture before resuming life back in the USA one day.

laceylou said...

i did finish the paper. :)
and i really want to read something wicked this way comes!
thunderstorms rock....ha know like rock music...rock...awesome. okay.

e g allis said...

I'm drinking tea that tastes of Christmas.

Dutchnic said...

I have never seen thunderstorms as amazing as the American ones over here. I have a vivid memory of sitting on the deck of my first host family and watching thunder clouds roll closer. Wow.

laceylou said...

write another post!
write another post!