Sunday, October 7, 2007

I would like to pose a question. Why are we, as humans, so caught up in moments? I love little things and moments that happen during a day. I view them as little love taps from God. If you think that is childish, fine. But it is the way I view things. I view hidden moments as my Father's way of giving my comfort in this torn world. I am not theological or philosophical. I try, but it never really works. I just tend to think too much.
Example of a moment:
Sunsets are pretty spectacular, but very serene. Each has it's own emotion and story with it. It's solitary mood. This summer in the Czech, I took so many sunsets. Tree silhouettes are my favorite. But when I see pictures of the sunset buildings of Prague and Budapest, they invigorate my senses. I don't have any of my trip pictures on this new computer. Sadly, I am also the worst at getting pictures onto my computer. It's funny, all my family and most friends have a xanga. I had one, but never wrote. I suppose this is simpler so i like it more. How knows. They can read this one, and post on my other one...But most sunsets case one to pause and receive a surge of peaceful longing. Longing for more beauty. Well, for me anyway.


Dutchnic said...

Actually, I have a Xanga and a Blogspot and I post everything twice. Thanks to copy/paste it's really quickly done and this way everyone can respond, not just Xanga people.

e g allis said...

I have xanga, a facebook, a myspace, a livejournal, a hi5, a bebo, an incircle, and a blogspot, but the Xanga is the only thing that ever gets written on, mostly because it was my first journal and there is something endearing about that for me. Countless times I have actually considered shutting it down and starting afresh, but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm pretty certain there's a Poe tale that runs somehow similar, but I can't place it at the moment. Too many things in my head.

laceylou said...

I know!
I love this more than xanga too.
it's simple but good.