Sunday, October 14, 2007

Noodles: n. When a cellist improvises and improves a monophonic melody line.

The cello is an amazing instrument. There is so much to say about it. Too much. So I won't. All I wanted to write about was how music can be addictive. I love Played several of his cello pieces and maybe some others? Can't really remember.
I went to the Nashville opera with some other music lovers Saturday night. We saw Samson et Delila by Camille Saint-Saens. Wow, I had a huge headache and was really tired, so I was extremely happy when I saw and heard the Danse Bacchanal. This modern ballet version, I bet, was more racy than the first version...maybe. But I don't really know, I wasn't alive then. But oh, that song! For most of his works, my heart wants to leap out of my small rib cage and fly. yes, like Peter Pan. Same with his Danse Macabre. Which the themes to both i just figured out on my cello not 10 minutes ago. Gees, I wanted to play it all night. In conclusion. Who needs drugs when you have a guy whose name reminds you of Carmel. Now I just have to make sure that music is still second in my heart. Feelings, ha...that is another subject for another time. oh and in the picture. that is not my hat. though i would like to date a farmer sometime...oh what that is a cowboy hat. my bad.


laceylou said...

I love how you went from music to drugs in 7.8 seconds....give or take a few...amazing. love your posts. fun stuff.

Susan said...

Oh man, I loved playing the Danse Bacchanal on violin. That was a long long time ago. It is on my top 3 favorite musical pieces.

Dutchnic said...

Really cool picture!!