Friday, August 28, 2009

what's new:

the book.

Yesterday: the deconstruction.

the new creation (or part of it) how it will appear on the wood, perhaps not so tall and without my feet.
i am pretty excited about doing this piece. the finish date is in October...October what? perhaps it will be a Halloween present.

Today: Quills Coffee through my camera lens


sarahe said...

lovely pictures! (i especially love the teapots, of course!) can't wait to see how the project comes out!

laceylou said...

You're using that camera Giiiirrrrlll...and I like it. That project looks amazing. I'm so glad you decided to descecrate that book.

Erin said...

i enjoyed these pictures. nice :)

Alburn said...

These are awesome pics. You should start a flickr account! I really like the first one with all the white teapots. Alburn and I just bought a new point and shoot Canon. We'll bring it to Kentucky; it's lovely.