Sunday, August 23, 2009

after some time of silence.

Is it so horrible of me, having bought a book published in 1909 (for less than 10 bucks), and knowing that I have no interest in the content of it...cutting the pages out for the sake of art?
The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay Vol. II. It is a beautiful book, such lovely feeling pages. Just perfect for drawing on top of. OH, how I am torn. I was just skimming through it and stumbled upon this sentence :

December 26th- I bought Thackeray's 'Rebecca and Rowena'- a very pretty, clever piece of fooling; but I doubt whether every body will taste the humor as I do.

"clever piece of fooling"/"taste the humor" who talks like that now days? I cannot take the time to read this 500 paged volume. But I can use it in a piece of art where if one wished, they could still read some of the entries. It has beautiful typed letter which were pressed into the pages by typewriter or letterpress (shout out to Newsies), which means there should be misspellings and perhaps more letter mess ups. oh the history fills me with glee.
Desire to have drive to read all the letters and journal entries flows through me. But I know it is a lost cause. I can always buy the completed two volumes online at ABEbooks later. Sorry to all the book lovers out there who will forever have a lowered opinion of me for this inhumane act.
forgive me.

"Not this, but the Maker of this, is the Desire of my soul" - John Piper talking about the universe
i use it now because in Him and through Him all was created, visible and invisible (Col 1:16).

creating is exciting.

-ms jarboe


laceylou said...

"My good opionion once lost forever."

After listening to your verbal rationale and reading your written one, I say rip up that old sucker.

e g allis said...

I am torn with you. I am enamoured with the idea of using truly antique materials in a fit of creativity, but still--that book is 100 years old! And as a birthday present, it is being seems rather cruel.

Then again, being rediscovered and repurposed is an invigorating prospect, particularly in one's old age.

e g allis said...

I will send you a message via face AND twitter in case you check one and not the other.