Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the season changes again

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now it is December and time for Christmas cheer amongst those who celebrate it. The Thursday of Thanksgiving was filled with fun, food, family music, thankfulness, and a time when the family read some Psalms and praised God. My beautiful sister and her hubby were in from Cali. It was nice seeing them. They won't be flying back for Christmas, not until they become big time editors and richie rich. My lovely cousin Erin taught the women of the family how to make a cool craft, kusudama, which can cramp your hands if you are not carefully pacing yourself.
Darren attended Thursday's festivities with me. I took the above picture and this one below whilst we ventured in my grandma and grandpa Jarboe's backyard.

This is Darren and the Jarboe cousin's Narnia Tree, from when we all were children. One had to enter Narnia through it only. Too bad those who are older than the proper age are not permitted, as shown here. Also, Nov the 29th and 30th mark Darren and I's 1 year of dating! So thankful for him.

Well, I hope snow will fall sometime before February. It gets colder in Louisville faster than Bowling Green. So we will see!
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...(beg pardon to all the vegetarians)

Winter years ago...

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