Monday, October 19, 2009

dreaming in murals

A while back I had a dream of becoming a "Personal Home Aesthetic Artist". This title would mean that I would go into a home that the owner wanted to increase the beauty of, and tell them what they needed painted on their walls. This would include full detailed or no detailed murals to filigree borders to small filigree related embellishments. Through meetings with the owner and sketches we would create something that brings both of our personalities together and also the house's aroma. Well, I finished the first one...the one the actually sparked this idea, months ago. Well, I am uploading it today. It is on a wall of a two level stair. If that makes any sense.

Anywho, the image might look like a trapezoid because it was hard to photograph, but I assure you, it is a large rectangle.

tree detail

floral filigree detail

I am thankful for that opportunity and looking forward to others.


laceylou said...

I hadn't seen the finished project.

Good work, dearest.

Erin said...

I like the tree detail and the filigree. It would be interesting to have flowers or intricate lace patterns growing from behind light switches and around door frames.

Erin said...

i used to want to have my own version of a real estate business where i would meet with families and get to know them and then i'd tour a bunch of houses (or vice versa) and i'd pick the perfectly right house for them. and i'd always be right.

we should go into business together.

erin f.

e g allis said...

I love it!

Alburn said...

Wow (this is Kelsy) that's awesome! You should post the dimensions.